Contact lenses continue to grow in popularity, and for good reason! Comfortable and convenient, contact lenses can offer vision correction in a variety of settings. Modern materials and advanced technology have led to the development of many new types of contacts. Our eye doctors can prescribe and fit lenses for almost every vision condition.

Contact lens exams include tests that are not always performed in regular eye exams, so if you are considering contact lenses, be sure to let us know when you schedule your appointment. This allows us to schedule the extra time required for contact lens fitting or prescription updates. After your comprehensive eye and vision examination, our eye doctors will discuss the variety of contact lens options with you to select the one that best fits your vision needs and lifestyle.

We will work with you to determine the best lens based on the health of your eyes. Contact lenses are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Your lenses need to have the correct measurements, or you risk uncomfortable wearing and possible damage to your eyes. Measurements include curvature, diameter, pupil and iris size, and quality of your tear film and are very important in successfully wearing contact lenses. Dry eyes often require specific types and materials of contacts.

Once we have completed your measurements, we’ll provide you with a pair of trial lenses, and our eye doctors will assess their fit by administering a slit lamp examination. All of these procedures are quick and painless.

Dryness and irritation are common problems for contact lens wearers in Colorado’s dry environment. Dry eye syndrome is a common problem among contact lens wearers and non-wearers alike, but symptoms of dry eyes can be more pronounced if you wear contact lenses and your contacts start to dry out.

Fortunately, there are effective treatments for contact lens-related dry eye problems. If you suffer from dry eye symptoms such as irritated, scratchy and red eyes when wearing contacts, switching to a new type of contact lens or care product often can make your eyes more comfortable.

Symptoms of dry eye are the leading cause of patients discontinuing contact lens wear. Fixing the problem starts with a visit to your eye doctor. We can evaluate the cause of your dry eye symptoms and determine the best way to increase your contact lens wearing comfort. Daily disposable contacts along with a dry eye treatment regimen are very effective ways to manage discomfort and irritation.

Sometimes people avoid talking to their eye doctor about contact lens-related dry eyes because they fear they’ll be told they can’t wear contacts any longer. But with today’s variety of new contact lenses and care products, the need to discontinue contact lens wear altogether is very unlikely. Call us today at (970) 377-0005 to schedule your contact lens eye exam. Our eye doctors, Dr. Abby and Dr. Caleb, would love to discuss contact lenses with you.